Yılsan Investment Holding:

Yılsan Investment Holding started its operations in Ankara, Turkey in 1955 with the production of agricultural tools. In the 1960s, Yılsan established Çiftel Demir Çekme and Ankara Demir Çekme companies in Ankara, Turkey and started activities in the Roller sector. Until 1980, Yılsan continued to remain in the Roller sector and later on, company focus shifted to importation of various flat iron steel products used in the industry. At the end of 1990s, Yılsan wanted to grow its presence both domestically and globally, and acquired Europe’s largest fertilizer production facility, Azomures SA., from Romania Privatization Administration. Azomures SA. is publicly traded in Bucharest Stock Exchange. Following this international acquisition, Yılsan acquired Chimpex, located in the city of Kostence of Romania and started operations in the port management field. In domestic Turkish market, Yılsan mainly concentrates on energy and real estate sector and establishes partnerships and develops new projects specifically in the field of renewable energy.

Yılsan Investment Holding is highly focused on the renewable energy sector in Turkey. Current investments include a 140 Mw power plant.